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Africa 2020: A New Vision Industry Series

Africa 2020: A New Vision Industry Series

The Broll Property Group is honouring Africa Month with the launch of "Africa 2020", a series of bespoke industry engagements set to ignite conversation around business in Africa, with the apt topic of "A New Vision" as the pilot theme.

The transformation that Africa has undergone in recent decades is remarkable given the unique challenges of the continent. To sustain beyond the Coronavirus however, requires a deeper understanding of those challenges and an even greater need for business to focus on growth, agility and sustainability.

"Africa must continue on its path of growth," says Malcolm Horne, Group CEO of the Broll Property Group. "We need to understand and accept that the economy we build today is not the same economy that we were previously catering to, nor anticipating". 

"The only way we can achieve long-term, efficient and resilient-driven economies is through collaboration, which is vital to the continent's rebuilding. Regardless of the sector, we are encouraging like-minded businesses to join us as we discuss and unleash the ideas, formulas and strategies for creating sustainable success that will support future business in Africa."

The inaugural webinar, on Wednesday 27 May from 12h00-13h00, is the launch platform aimed at starting the conversation around stimulating strategies that can be used in the near- and long-term during the adaption and recovery phase of the Coronavirus pandemic. It will also examine the consequential emerging new business environment and explore solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

Broll's webinars are also being hosted in the interests of creating a new ecosystem of African business stakeholders. "We need to unite the industries and sectors that can support one another," says Horne. "Together we need to leverage our scale and expertise to facilitate innovative-thinking. We also need to maintain the momentum that international and local investors were showing in Africa prior to global restrictions that have interrupted business trade and negotiation."      

The concentration of insights in the inaugural webinar will be presented by a blend of Broll's full continental expertise. Facilitator of the conversation is Jess Cleland, Broll's Group Managing Director: East Africa and Indian Ocean. "These webinars are timeous given recent and clear market indicators that African companies, including the property sector, are expecting a decline of at least 10% in their company revenue and/or profit this year," says Cleland.

"It is anticipated that it will take more than three months to restore 'business as usual', so strategies need to be implemented post haste. Our webinars will reveal how Broll applies future-focused solutions that are designed to adapt to shifting market conditions; how the virtual world and technology is shaping our and allied businesses; and how to face the challenges ahead."

To secure your attendance, please visit the Broll Property Group LinkedIn page, or


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