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The Evolution of the Online Shopping Journey

The Evolution of the Online Shopping Journey

Whilst we all digest the current state of the market, it is now more important than ever to be aware of what our shoppers online journey feels and looks like. Broll Intel's latest report, "The Online Shopping Journey Report", analyses the tough and ever-changing economy, and looks at trends that retailers have executed in their businesses of late in the fight for market share. 

The location of a physical store is no longer a top priority as convenience takes the lead in the life of today's time-strapped customers. As online shopping becomes increasingly popular and somewhat mainstream, retailers are having to adapt to consumer expectations and shopping behaviours in a bid to gain market share. With over 90% of South Africa's digital population being active mobile device users, the online shopping marketplace continues to gain more and more consumers, who's expectations and demands need to be met.

With the influx of new devices and technologies, it is imperative for both local and international retailers to adapt their digital strategies and business operations to remain relevant and competitive. Being able to engage with consumers not only increases brand and product awareness but ultimately influences their purchasing decision. 

The online shopping journey, for consumers and retailers, has many factors which needs to be understood and catered for, for a seamless shopping experience. If brick and mortar stores are to remain at the forefront of retail, retailers are going to have to adapt and integrate with new and multi-faceted digital technologies. It is not just about having an online presence, but rather marrying the two and integrating your online and physical stores, with features such as click and collect and in-store-online-shopping terminals

Make sure to read more about this topic by downloading the latest Broll Property Intel report, The Online Shopping Journey via  


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